Hello everyone,
it’s jestemkabat (meaning: I am Kabat) and I am now starting to write stuff in English here :D

Get ready, it shall never be too long, politically (and English) correct nor funny.

My first English jestemkabat blog post is partially a “translation” of my last blogging thingy.

This video has been posted on official vatican’s youtube account:

Why would I reject it?

1st sentence: nobody can believe in nothing, there is no such thing as non-believers. To be able to function you have to be a believer – YOU MUST BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. In wisdom, in goodness, in people, in gods and idols, in sun, in moon, in purpose of life, anything. If you don’t believe in anything, you simply cannot do LIFE. Your psyche rejects to cooperate with your body and you are unable to perform life activities. If you disagree – find a person that doesn’t believe in anything, is alive, wakes up every day, eats, drinks and walks or talks… Since it is impossible not to be a believer, why is the first thing that we hear that ‘most of the planet’s inhabitants declare themselves as believers’? Who cares? What does it change? Most people declare themselves as being alive – that’s 0k. All people should know they are alive and that they are believers. That’s nothing to be happy about that some people don’t realize that.

That was the nice part that doesn’t make me sick :) Now, the rest of the video:

I am not interested in interfaith dialogue! I am interested in Christian Unity, in unity between Christians and Jews, conversion of the Jews and conversion of everyone to Jesus. Because that’s what the Bible talks about. Jesus never says “go to buddhists, learn their philosophy as much as you can, maybe they will ask you one day about your faith, then you’ll mention me… but most of all – live in peace, be open for interfaith dialogues, that’s what I want”. He never says “it is not important who or what you believe in as far as you believe in love”, because it’s HIM who IS LOVE! In Christianity love is personal. Jesus doesn’t put himself in one bag with idols (come on! His Father created the World, He himself Suffered, Died and Rose from the dead for the humankind and some idols that were made up by some lost people are made equal with Him?!).

PS Allah shouldn’t be put in the same bag too, He’s the same God Almighty Father not only in Islam but also in Christianity – in Arabic – however in some places like Malaysia Christians were (or still are?) not allowed to refer to their God using the same name as Muslims do :o

Mike Bickle, leader of International House of Prayer in Kansas City asked Pope Francis if he believes that Jesus is the only way to salvation and the Pope confirmed that it’s the only option. That’s something nice and stable for a change… and ending :)